Tournament Information

Center: Get Some Game

Game: OverWatch

Platform: PC

Entrant Type: Team

State: Pending

Tournament Type: Player Round Robin

Start Date: November 13th, 2018 @ 12:00 AM UTC

Check In: Not required

Selection Process

  • Each team consists of 6 players and 1 stand-in player but cannot be an existing player in the tournament. (even if that player was eliminated in an earlier stage)

Match Rules

  • Rule set: Competitive
  • High bandwidth: On
  • Game mode:
    • Best of Three
  • Map rotation: Single map
  • Return to lobby: After a game
  • The higher seed starts the map veto
    • Available maps: King’s Row, Numbani, Watchpoint: Gibraltar, Dorado, Hanamura, Temple of Anubis, Volskaya, Nepal, Lijiang Tower, Hollywood, Ilios, Route 66, Eichenwalde & Oasis
  • Hero selection limit: 1 per team
    • All heroes are currently allowed
  • Disable kill cam: On
  • In case of a tie on Assault, Hybrid or Escort a preset Best of One Control map is to be played. The team that captures the first objective fully, on the first point of the control map will win the tied map.

Game rules

Hero Options

  • Hero selection limit: 1 per team
  • All heroes are currently allowed
    • Role selection limit: None
    • Allow Hero Switching: On
    • Respawn as random hero: Off


  • All heroes are to be set as “on” unless otherwise instructed.

Gameplay Options

  • High bandwidth: On
  • Control game mode format: Best of 5
  • Health modifier: 100%
  • Damage modifier: 100%
  • Healing modifier: 100%
  • Ultimate charge rate modifier: 100%
  • Respawn time modifier: 100%
  • Ability cooldown modifier: 100%
  • Disable skins: Off
  • Disable health bars: Off
  • Disable kill cam: On
  • Disable kill feed: Off
  • Headshots only: Off

Team Options

  • Team balancing: Off
  • When balancing occurs: After a mirror match


  • Participants can choose to forfeit a match if they wish. Forfeiting will result in loss of the match and possible penalty points.

Map Pick/Veto

Unless otherwise specified, the map pick/veto rules are as follows:

  • The highest seeded team will be chosen to start the pick & ban phase
  • Contestants ban maps until number of maps needed.
  • Maps are played in the order they were picked.
  • Available maps: King’s Row, Numbani, Watchpoint: Gibraltar, Dorado, Hanamura, Temple of Anubis, Volskaya, Nepal, Lijiang Tower, Hollywood, Ilios, Route 66, Eichenwalde & Oasis

Starting Match

  • All teams are expected to be there and confirm their attendance 15 minutes before the start of the match.

Schedule Change

  • Game dates are subject to change if the situation and time table allows it
  • Any team with a problem regarding the date change will need to provide a valid and reasonable excuse to demand a date change.
  • Schedule is subject to change in the following circumstances:
  • If the team appeals for date change 48 hours before their original match date.
  • Both teams need to be on a mutual agreement for the date change.
  • The new date cannot be more than 24 hours away from the original date.

Breach of Rules

  • Foul language, offensive and disruptive behavior will not be tolerated from any player and will result in the following:
  • First Warning that the team captain has to acknowledge
  • Second Warning will lead to forfeiting the game
  • Third Warning will lead to disqualification from the tournament

Pause and Disconnect/connection issues


  • It is forbidden to use the pause without an obvious reason, such as player disconnects. Custom game host/moderator have to pause the game immediately when a team request it in chat.
  • Team that requested pause need to announce the reason before or immediately after pause.
  • Each team is granted a total of 10 minutes pause time during the match.
  • When resuming the game from pause, both teams need to confirm in chat that they are ready to continue.
  • If total pause time of 10 minutes runs out, the game has to be resumed, no matter if the issue got fixed or not. If one team refuses to resume the game, the oppose team will receive a default win.
  • Admins hold the right to request teams to pause during the match in case of any other issues, and the time used to pause the match will not count for the team it was requested to.


  • In the case that a player(s) disconnects, the team is allowed to continue to play the match at a disadvantage.
  • Disconnects and lag issues will only qualify for a re-host if the issue occurs the within the first 60 seconds of the game.

Game Admin

All participants must adhere to the decisions and rules of the tournament organizers, admins, and referees. All decisions are final, except in cases where the option to appeal is clearly stated. Conversations, either verbal or written, between organizers, admins, or referees, and participants are confidential. Publicly posting or sharing these conversations with outside parties is strictly forbidden, unless permission is obtained.


Match Status