Tournament Information

Center: LFG Cybercafe

Game: OverWatch

Platform: PC

Entrant Type: Team

State: Pending

Tournament Type: Player Double Elimination

Start Date: November 24th, 2017 @ 9:00 PM UTC

Check In: Not required


  • WAN Tournament
  • Double Elimination
  • Best of 5
  • Maps will be preselected for each round
  • Rule Set: Competitive
  • Map Options
    • Map rotation: After a game
    • Map order: Single Map
    • Return to lobby: After a game
  • Maps
    • Disable all maps except for the map that is to be played.
  • Map Ban and Picks
    • The higher seeded team starts the map veto
    • Available maps: King's Row, Numbani, Watchpoint: Gibraltar, Dorado, Hanamura, Temple of Anubis, Volskaya, Nepal, Lijiang Tower, Hollywood, Ilios and Route 66
    • The highest seeded team will be chosen to start the pick & ban phase
    • Contestants take turns banning maps until there are 5 maps remaining
    • Contestants take turns picking maps until the number of maps needed are selected
    • Maps are played in the order they were picked, the remaining map is played last
  • Hero Options
    • Hero selection limit: 1 per team
    • All heroes are currently allowed
    • Role selection limit: None
    • Allow Hero Switching: On
    • Respawn as random hero: Off
  • Heroes
    • All heroes are to be set as "on".
  • Gameplay Options
    • High Bandwidth: On
    • Control game mode format: Best of 5
    • Skirmish only: Off
    • Health modifier: 100%
    • Damage modifier: 100%
    • Healing modifier: 100%
    • Ultimate charge rate modifier: 100%
    • Respawn time modifier: 100%
    • Ability cooldown modifier: 100%
    • Disable skins: Off
    • Disable health bars: Off
    • Disable kill cam: On
    • Disable kill feed: Off
    • Headshots only: Off
  • Team Options
    • Team balancing: Off
    • When balancing occurs: After a mirror match
  • Should a Tournament server or network crash prior to the completion of a round, the round will be re-started. Players should inform an admin immediately if a crash occurs.
  • Should a client system crash prior to the completion of a round, the round will be re-started.
  • If players believe an opponent has violated a rule during a match, the match should continue as normal. At the end of the match, the player shall notify one of Organizers Tournament officials immediately of the issue. Any disputes will be handled at the discretion of Organizer
  • ESL Overwatch Community Cup Settings Used



Match Status