Tournament Information

Center: Evo Gaming

Game: League of Legends

Platform: PC

Entrant Type: Team

State: Complete

Tournament Type: Player Round Robin

Check In: Not required

After 9 years of center vs. center tournaments ggCircuit is excited to announce a new style of eSports tournaments in a WAN set-up. WAN stands for Wide Area Network, which we create by connecting Local Area Networks (LANs) all over North America. All teams/players in all locations will participate at one time in a GIANT double elimination bracket. No waiting for space to open up like a typical LAN event. 


While matches take place between teams via the internet, the teams are all physically located at certified ggCircuit centers around North America. There will be no players or teams playing from home or remote locations. We will be tracking IP address and other data to ensure that all players/teams are only playing from their local certified ggCircuit center. 

The tournaments may consist of a fee to enter: Venue Fee - This is paid to the local ggCircuit center for the use of their facility the day of the tournament. Many centers have options available for full station with all equipment or empty stations for teams to BYOC (Bring your own Console/Computer) 

Registration will close at midnight two days before the event. The brackets will then be created and posted 24 hours before the matches begin. On game day, all teams may join the ggCircuit Discord channel for their game to help coordinate matching up teams for matches in the brackets. 

The fun part is that we guarantee all entries at least three matches. If you are down on your luck and lose both of your first two matches in the double elimination bracket, you will be automatically entered for free into the famous Pink Pansy single elimination bracket with all other teams who lost their first two matches. This bracket will be a fight to the death for those teams to take the top prize and be able to call themselves true Pink Pansies! (Oh… and they also win back their tournament entry fee as another bonus!) 

At the end of the main double elimination bracket the captains of the top teams winning prize money will receive the money via PayPal within 24 hours.
-Matches start at 1 PM EST sharp, teams must be checked in no later than 12 PM EST

-Saturday, June 24th

Format / Settings
-Seeding will be performed at random
--Higher-ranked seed will have side selection
-Double Elimination
--Teams eliminated out of main bracket ( 0-2 ) are entered into a side single elimination bracket for a chance to win their Team Pass back
-Best of 1
-Map: Summoner's Rift 
-Team Size: 5 
-Allow Spectators: Lobby Only 
-Game Type: Tournament Draft
-Players will link their Summoner Names to their ggCircuit account and MUST play on the same Summoner account throughout the entire tournament.
-Players may only pause a match immediately following any of the events described below, but must signal an official immediately after the pause and identify the reason.
--An Unintentional Disconnection 
--A hardware or software malfunction (e.g. monitor power or peripheral disability or game glitch) 
--Physical interference with a player (e.g., broken chair)
-The 2017 Spring LCS Rule Set may be used for additional rulings

Teams Entered

Saint Francis Preparatory School

Saint Francis Preparatory School

Evo Gaming
Jun 24, 2017
6 35,091
Archbishop Molloy HS

Archbishop Molloy HS

Evo Gaming
Jun 24, 2017
4 4,424