Tournament Information

Center: Evo Gaming

Platform: PC

Entrant Type: Team

State: Complete

Tournament Type: Player Single Elimination

Check In: Not required

Attention all NY League of Legends players! Evo Gaming is partnering up with Nvidia GeForce to host our first Weekend Warriors event featuring League of Legends!

The first 30 players who register for the event at and show up on the day of the tournament will be entered into a 6 team, Single Elimination bracket. Only single entries will be allowed, no organized teams may enter!

Team leaders will be chosen based on the highest ELO and teams will be organized by individual ELO to make things as fair as possible.

The winning team players will each receive a $25 Riot Point card!

Nvidia will be giving away prizes and swag throughout the day!

The entire event will be streamed on our twitch

Admission: FREE! Venue fee and game time will be covered for all 30 registered players!

Teams Entered

Lebronze James

Lebronze James

Evo Gaming
Lambo Mercy
Jun 25, 2016
1 710
Team FrostFire

Team FrostFire

Evo Gaming
Jun 25, 2016
1 730