Tournament Information

Platform: PC

Entrant Type: Team

State: Complete

Tournament Type: Player Round Robin

Start Date: May 1st, 2016 @ 6:00 PM UTC

Check In: Not required

  • 5vs5 Summoner’s Rift
  • Best of 1
  • Single Elimination
  • Tournament Draft
  • Higher Seed chooses map side
  • If a player encounters an issue with any equipment provided by the tournament organizer during the
    setup time, they must immediately notify the ref so that the official responsible for equipment can fix it.
  • Players are allowed to pause if directed by a tournament official, or as part of their allotted pause time
    per game. During any pause or stoppage, players can’t leave the match area unless they’re officially
  • Additional rules follow Riot Rules

Teams Entered

eBash TH LoL

eBash TH LoL

eBash Terre Haute (Legacy)
Apr 23, 2016
4 475,758
Evo Gaming

Evo Gaming

Evo Gaming
May 1, 2016
5 32,278
LGN Esports

LGN Esports

eBash Indianapolis (Legacy)
May 1, 2016
5 593,308
Reasonable Doubt

Reasonable Doubt

Game Haven (Legacy)
GH Phizycs
May 1, 2016
1 100