Gamer FAQ

General Questions

What is ggCircuit?

ggCircuit allows gamers at LAN Centers to compete globally with other LAN Centers and redeem prizes based on the coins they earn. Just by playing at a LAN Center you earn coins by the hour and if you link certain game accounts with your ggCircuit account, you can earn even more coins. These coins allow you and/or your center climb the ggCircuit competition leaderboards and also allows you to reap the benefits by earning free stuff the more you play.

What are ggCircuit coins?

Coins are a special currency for ggCircuit players to earn while they play at an approved ggCircuit LAN Center.

How do I earn ggCircuit coins?

Players can earn 50 coins for every hour (60 minutes) they play at a ggCircuit Center. Players can also connect game accounts that are supported by ggCircuit and we will take your in game stats and apply our coin formula for even more coins. ggCircuit members also have the option of upgrading their account for larger coin bonuses and exclusive access to ggCircuit features and prizes.

What can I do with my ggCircuit coins?

You can redeem your coins for prizes, concessions, challenges, entry into special tournaments and more.

Can I see my coin values online?

Each time you login to a PC at your LAN center, you will see your ggCircuit statistics. You can see both your total coins value and your coin balance that is available for prizes through the ggCircuit user interface within your cafe software (i.e. SmartLaunch, etc.). If your center has a ggCircuit kiosk available you can enter your username there and also see your coin balance. If you are on top of the leaderboard in your center you may also see your values there. Finally, you can see your coin values, along with lots of other information on your profile page.

Earning More Coins

What games can I earn more coins in?

Currently you can link these games to earn more coins: Dota 2 (through Steam), League of Legends, and Smite. ggCircuit tries to add new games every month. Any new game added by ggCircuit can be accessed early through a ggCircuit gold membership.

How to create a ggCircuit account and link it with your LAN center account
How to link your ggCircuit account to Steam for Dota 2 and more
If I'm a good player what's the max potential coins I can earn?

For each game in the redemption program we have a custom formula based on your performance in-game. So if your a great player your coin rewards will reflect that. We see players earn roughly 1000 coins per day.

When will you add more games?

ggCircuit adds more games to the redemption system periodically. Along with new features and ways for you to utilize your coins. Any new game added by ggCircuit can be accessed early through a ggCircuit gold membership.

ggCircuit Membership

What is bronze status?

ggCircuit bronze status is the initial FREE status you have once you login to your pc. It is automatic, you do not have to do anything other than play at your LAN center to start earning coins.

What is silver status?

ggCircuit silver status is a second FREE status that requires you to make an account through ggCircuit. Silver members must enter their email address with their account. Doing this gives you more perks. It gives you a 5% coin bonus, gives you access to the prize vault, makes you eligible for contests and giveaways, create or join a team, initial access to challenges and much more.

What is gold status?

ggCircuit gold status is what you want to be to get the most out of ggCircuit. Gold status is $5 per month and gives you a 20% coin bonus, early access to new games, access to the premium prize vault, larger quote for ggCircuit challenges, premium teams & tournament, and much more.

Prizes and Stats

What prizes are available?

Both your LAN Center and ggCircuit provide prizes to players who participate in ggCircuit. You can redeem coins for snacks, drinks & game time at your LAN center. Depending on your membership level, ggCircuit also has premium prizes available. Prizes such as Steam cards, Riot points, headsets, mice, video cards and even PCs can be won as a ggCircuit gold member.

How much do prizes cost with coins?

That is really up to the LAN center as they control the economy of prizes at their store. Depending on numerous factors these coin costs are also subject to change. As a quick example some centers say that 250 coins equals roughly a dollar. If a canned soft drink can be redeemed at 250 coins, you would play around 5 hours to redeem that prize. Just think of it, the time you play normally at your LAN center can quickly add up and allow you free stuff every time you walk in the door.

Is there a limit on prizes?

Again, this depends on the center. From ggCircuit's perspective, prizes have no limits on them.

Can I see my stats online?

You can see your stats along with lots of other information on your profile page.

Can I search other players info?

You can click on any user's username on the leaderboards to view their profile page.

Competitions and Tournaments

What's the difference between local and global competition?

Local competitions happen between all the players at only your LAN center. Global competitions take place between all players in ggCircuit.

How do I create a team for a tournament?

The video walk-through below explains the team creation process.

Center FAQ

General Center Questions

What is ggCircuit?

ggCircuit is a revolutionary statistics, competition and reward system, that runs in the background of your LAN center server machine.

  • Statistics:

    ggCircuit will automatically track your players' performance in games that they play on any of your computers and rank them against all the players in your center and across the entire ggCircuit global community. ggCircuit creates a permanent competitive environment with ranked leader-boards, where your gamers can strive to be the best player in your center, in your country or across the entire ggCircuit global community.

  • Competition:

    As well as the on-going leader-board system, ggCircuit offers your gamers the ability to participate in big prize sponsored tournaments, as well as inter-center challenges and casual competitions.

  • Reward:

    Your players will also automatically earn ggCircuit Coins for time spent on your computers as well as reward for in-game displays of skill. Top gamers will earn the most coins and bragging rights in your center.

    Gamers can choose to save up their coins for ggCircuit sponsored prizes (such as a Razer headset) or regularly cash in the coins for small prizes at your center. You are in complete control of your center economy and can decide the appropriate prize for the coins (e.g. 1000 coins could be 4 hours of free gaming at your center)

Why is ggCircuit good for my business?

Running a LAN center is hard work. It's hard to keep your members interested when new games don't come out that often. It's hard to convince new gamers to pay to play at a LAN center when they could play at home or at a friend's house. It's hard to get your old customers back who you haven't seen in a long time.

ggCircuit will give your gamers a reason to stay logged into your computers. They are always in competition, they are always striving to improve their ranking, and they can finally be recognized as being a great player among their peers – and they can get free stuff!

Your gamers have the incentive to play more at your gaming center and to really feel part of the ggCircuit global community of gamers.

How do I sign up for ggCircuit?

You can sign up for a 30-day free trial through our center sign up page. All you have to do is run the installer on your server computer and run through a few simple steps on the admin page of the website. Your gamers could join the ranking system TODAY.

How does ggCircuit work?

ggCircuit allows a customer's in-game name to be linked to their login ID at your center. This is a one-time process that can easily be done by the gamers themselves at their computer, or by the admin.

What games are supported?

DOTA 2, League of Legends and Smite are fully supported for the stats ladders with more games in development. Tournaments can be arranged with any game.

How much does it cost?

ggCircuit operates under a monthly subscription which you can cancel at any time. The cost varies in different regions between $30USD/month and $75USD/month. Please contact us during your trial for more information on your local rates.

How do I promote ggCircuit at my center?

ggCircuit promotes itself by displaying stats on the computer when players are logged in before they have launched games and when gamers have logged out while the computer remains powered on. ggCircuit also provides web-based displays that can run on a big screen or projector in your center if you have one. There are also modules to display stats on your website and Facebook page.

Once they are running, a center owner doesn't have to do anything to promote ggCircuit, but can customize the experience on request.


How do my gamers earn/spend coins?

Your gamers will earn coins for every hour they are logged into the computer, and for good game-play. They will usually earn between 50 and 150 coins per hour depending on skill level. When logged into your computers, or via the website, your customers will see their coin wallet and how many more coins they need to earn before being able to afford a desired prize.


Where do the prizes come from?

One of the benefits of having so many gamers being part of ggCircuit is that it allows us greater power to negotiate with game developers, publishers and sponsors. A portion of centers monthly membership fees also contribute to the seasonal prizes and the "Premium Prize Vault".

Each individual gaming center is also encouraged to fill in their centers "Prize Vault" depending on what you feel would motivate your gamers. This can be free or subsidized gaming time, confectionery, mouse-mats or whatever you feel is appropriate. The center is free to decide the amount of coins required to buy all prize vault items.

Competitions and Tournaments

How do the tournaments work?

The bigger tournaments are organised by ggCircuit. Your players can also create teams and register for events online or at your center.

A center owner can also create tournaments at any time, for any game and the system will automatically organize the seeding and tournament brackets for any event you would like to organize in your center or across many centers.