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How to Play

Login at your LAN Center. Login at your LAN Center.
Play your favorite games. Play your favorite games.
Earn coins in multiple ways. Earn coins in multiple ways.
Redeem coins for prizes. Redeem coins for prizes.

What is ggCircuit?

ggCircuit is a never ending global Video Game Center redemption system with competition included. Video Game Center customers earn virtual coins by playing their favorite games at their local Video Game Center. Players can redeem those coins for game time, snacks, drinks and other prizes. Players can also connect their LAN center account with their in game accounts multiple supported games to earn skill coins. The best part for Video Game Center owners and employees is that this is an automatic system that can be installed and running and minutes. Customers receive incentive for coming to their Video Game Center and playing. Play Games, Earn Coins, Win Prizes. That's ggCircuit!

Global Competition, Local Scale

ggCircuit is non-stop competition for all customers in a Video Game Center. You, the gamer, can compete on whatever level you choose. Any day that you arrive at your local Video Game Center you could be the top of the in-store leaderboard, the top of a supported game leaderboard (like League of Legends), the top of a regional leaderboard, or even the top of the global leaderboard. So whatever level you're at, you have a chance to win! Of course, the more you play, the more you earn, but by providing incentives to play supported games, play tournaments, earn achievements and more you can be earning even more coins.

Prizes, Events, Tournaments & More

Through the ggCircuit system, each Video Game Center has complete control of their prize vault. You can choose what to give away to your customers. It can be as simple as a free hour of gaming or larger prizes for your customers to work toward. You have control of the prize economy. On top of that ggCircuit is constantly working with sponsors to get larger prizes, game codes, etc. that your players can also redeem. This is why they are earning coins. You as a Video Game Center are also encouraged to create local tournaments through the ggCircuit tournament system. ggCircuit also organizes tournaments on a global scale from time to time that all players around the world can participate in.